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Oct. 2008 - Jun. 2009

Matters of Taste

What gives food the flavours we love


Term: 22 October 2008 - 21 June 2009


• 800 m² exhibition space ´
• 200 ml fresh milk
• 200 g juicy meat
• 200 g ground grain
• 200 g bitter chocolate
• 200 ml aromatic coffee

Industry and laboratories play as important part as kitchens and the initial products in getting food onto the table in the form of tasty dishes. The exhibition: A matter of taste: What makes eating a pleasure" shows how taste is produced through the processing of foods, and how societal and economic factors, eating habits and questions of lifestyle affect the experience of taste and gastronomic culture. It is not only the tongue and the nose that determine whether we find something tasty or not - ambience, social conventions, ideas and expectations also play just as large part.

A heaped spoonful of interactive models, films, games, smelling and tasting stations...

This interactive exhibition shows what happens during cooking and roasting, how milk becomes butter, cheese or quark, what is hidden behind the "Maillard reaction", and how bread, noodles and beer are made from grain. You can try your hand at a cocoa press, and make small pressed cakes for your drinking chocolate. Smelling and tasting stations will challenge your senses: Discover how sourdough smells, and see if you are able to identify all of the aromas in chocolate! Or find out how an aromatic beverage is produced in many ways from the tasteless coffee bean, and what rituals contribute to its enjoyment.

A handful of experiments and workshops in the taste laboratory

Have you got a taste for it? Then test your abilities in the taste laboratory! Regular activities and workshops take place in this interactive kitchen area. And the results of the experiments are available for tasting - after all, it's all a matter of taste!

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Tasty offers for groups

Guided tour + workshop + museum entry!

In a guided tour through this special exhibition, you can get to the bottom of technological advances in food preparation and then have the opportunity to put your abilities to the test in the taste laboratory. The subjects and flavours will vary, depending on the offer of the month!

Concept team

Project management: Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau
Curators: Mechthild Dubbi, Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau, Roswitha Muttenthaler, Peter Payer, Christian Stadelmann
Design: Peter Karlhuber

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