medien.welten (media.worlds)

© Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek

Every day, we make telephone calls, see television pictures from around the world, take snapshots with mobile-phone cameras, and surf the Internet... The new media world is beautiful, but how did it come about?

medien.welten (media.worlds)

Across approx. 2,500 m² of exhibition space, media.worlds construct the history of media since modern times. The exhibition is subdivided into two development strands: communication media and storage media. On one side, the development of the post, telegraph, telephone, radio and broadcasting networks can be seen, and on the other the development of image, sound and print media, as well as data-processing media. In addition to almost 1,000 historical exhibits, the exhibition also presents on computer terminals historical content such as radio and television features, shellac recordings, series of photographs and film excerpts.

medien.rundgang (media.tour)

Visitors can take a virtual walk through the exhibition on two computer terminals, under the title media.tour. An overview map on the screen lists all of the subject islands; each of the subject islands can be visited using the touchscreen.

medien.schau (media.show)

Visitors can wander through virtual show rooms on the two media.show terminals, which offer an illustrated multimedia history of the media. There are rooms on ten different subjects, such as Map, Number, List, Book, Image, Stage, etc. Each of these subjects is dealt with in ten different epochs – from absolutism to globalization. The arrangement of the show rooms corresponds to a ten-by-ten format case. You can change rooms horizontally or vertically, which means that the history of a medium can either be read in ten stages from its origins in around 1500 to the present day, or crosswise through the ten media subjects within an individual epoch. In addition to text boards, the 100 show rooms also offer small scenes, illustrated with picture collages of contemporary motifs or excerpts from historical film and sound recordings.

medien.album (media.album)

Using a prepaid card, available at the exhibition, the numerous texts of the exhibition can be saved in a personal media.album. This album can later be called up through the website of the Technisches Museum Wien for reading at home.

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