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Data Processing
1990 - 1999
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Atari Portfolio Pocket PC

Atari, 1990


Pocket PC

In the 1990s, Personal Computers are becoming increasingly compact. Laptops are based on the size of a briefcase, PDAs on the size of a coat pocket.

The miniaturisation of the computer continues and new device types emerge. While conventional personal computers are designed as fixed desktops, laptops can be taken along everywhere like a type of electronic briefcase. Even smaller devices, hand-sized PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) or pocket PCs, are developed from programmable calculators. They offer a touchscreen, via which the user can operate the tiny keys using a steel pen. Apart from the address book and calendar functions previously also offered by organisers, these wallet-sized computers have software for word processing and spreadsheet calculations at their disposal and can play back audio and video files; additional software can be installed subsequently. A mobile phone can be used to connect these handy devices to the Internet. Along with an external or integrated GPS receiver, the PDA can also be used as route planner.

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