Teenager looks at the humanoid robot "Schrotty Bob" in the exhibition "Everyday Life"

Artificial intelligence?

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Digital change, digital future: Robots and artificial intelligence are finding their way into our private lives. They accompany us in our own four walls, assist us in traffic and give us inspiration in the creative process. Progress is fast paced: Computers compose symphonies and control trams. Now, in the centuries-long journey of automation, a directional decision is imminent: Do we use the algorithms to avert the climate crisis or do we reinforce social injustices through their use? Are we empowering people in need of care or are we misusing sensitive health data? How do we shape and think about the newly acquired (in)dependencies?

The Technisches Museum Wien will be hosting the new exhibition on “Artificial intelligence?” until summer 2022. This guided educator tour provides first insights into the exhibition, in addition to presenting our accompanying educational programme that includes age-appropriate and hands-on features suitable for all school grades.

As always at our events for educators, we offer you practical and helpful tips on how to best prepare your class for a visit to the TMW.

  • This online guided educator tour is organised and supervised live by cultural mediators of the TMW.
  • As the ideal setting, we recommend a laptop/PC and headset per participant at home.
  • We use “Zoom” as the communication platform. The link for the meeting will be sent to the participants by email about one hour before the event.
Teenager looks at the humanoid robot "Schrotty Bob" in the exhibition "Everyday Life"
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