Making the museum and exhibitions more accessible is very important to the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) and its staff.

Opening hours:

The museum is open from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 and 18:00 and on weekends, public holidays and in summer between 10:00 and 18:00. In Summer (July & August) – daily from 10:00.


The Technisches Museum Wien is closed on 1 January, on 1 May and on 25 and 31 December.


If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback with us, please feel free to contact us during the regular opening hours by phone on +43-1-89998-0 or by email to .




Two accessible public parking areas are available in front of the main entrance at Mariahilfer Straße 212.

Photo of the parking space:


Interactive city map of Vienna with information on accessibility

You can find the full version of the map here.


Bus, tram and underground stops near the Technisches Museum Wien:

  • Bus line 10A to Heiligenstadt Railway Station, stop Schloss Schönbrunn
  • Bus line 10A to Niederhofstraße, stop Linzer Straße
  • Tram line 10 to Dornbach, stop Penzinger Straße, Schlossallee
  • Tram line 10 to Unter St. Veit, Hummelgasse, stop Johnstraße/Linzer Straße
  • Tram line 52 to Westbahnhof, stop Johnstraße, Linzer Straße
  • Tram line 52 to Baumgarten, stop Penzinger Straße, Mariahilfer Straße
  • Bus line 57A to Burgring or Anschützgasse, stop Anschützgasse
  • Tram line 60 to Westbahnhof, stop Penzinger Straße, Schlossallee
  • Tram line 60 to Rodaun, stop Penzinger Straße, Mariahilfer Straße
  • Underground line U4 to Heiligenstadt or Hütteldorf, stop Schönbrunn, stairway Grünbergstraße

Directions from the stop Penzinger Straße:

The tram lines 10, 52 and 60 regularly call at Penzinger Straße, which is the stop that is closest to the Technisches Museum Wien.

Please note: The inbound stop Penzinger Straße is located at Schlossallee and can be reached by tram line 10 to Dornbach and by tram line 60 to Westbahnhof. The outbound stop Penzinger Straße is located at Äußere Mariahilfer Straße and can be reached by tram line 52 to Baumgarten and by tram line 60 to Rodaun.

The outbound stop Penzinger Straße is closest to the Technisches Museum Wien and you only need to cross one road. Please find the directions for this route below:


Main entrance:

  • The museum entrance is located below the street level. Broad concrete ramps lead to the main entrance.
Note: Depending on the wheelchair model, independent accessibility may be limited by cobblestones along both sides. The eastern ramp is not steeper than 6 %. There is no handrail on the ramp.
Photo of the entrance to the Technisches Museum Wien with road and sidewalk:
Photo of the museum entry and the ramp:
  • The entrance hall can be accessed via a wheelchair-accessible revolving door or via an alternative entrance next to it.
Photo of the museum entrance door:
Photo of the entrance door to the TMW, view from the inside:
  • There are round seating facilities across the entrance area.
Photo of the entrance hall of the Technisches Museum Wien with seating furniture:

Admission fees and ticket counter:

  • People with disabilities and their accompanying persons, if indicated in the disability card (valid photo ID required!), pay reduced price. Please find current admission fees here.
  • The ticket counter and the info point are located on the right behind the entrance.
Photo of cash desk and information area of the museum:
  • The ticket counter and the info point are not wheelchair-accessible and are not equipped with an audio induction loop.
  • To the left of the main entrance, there are an accessible toilet (unisex) and storage lockers (EUR 1,- or EUR 2,- coins required). You can get a key for larger lockers at the ticket counter in exchange for your ID card.
Photo of museum lockers:

Assistance dogs and wheelchair hire:

  • Assistance dogs are welcome at the museum.
  • Standard wheelchairs are available for free at the ticket counter.


Access to the exhibition areas:

•Almost all exhibition areas are wheelchair-accessible. Exception: historical mine.


  • Main lifts from level 0 to level 5: A designated wheelchair-accessible lift with stops on all levels (from 0 to 5) is located on the left behind the museum shop (internal dimensions: 140 x 100 cm, door width: 90 cm). The lift on the right opposite to it (from level 0 to level 5) is not suitable for wheelchair users (internal dimensions: 100 x 94 cm, door width: 80 cm).
Photo of the museum store and barrier-free elevator:
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift from level 2 to level 4: Another wheelchair-accessible lift is accessible from level 2 to level 4 (accessible from the main lift station on level 2 via a ramp in the exhibition areas ”On/Off” and ”Energy”). 
  • Lift equipment: All lifts are equipped with handrails. The buttons inside the lifts are tactile and illuminated and are additionally labelled in Braille. The call buttons outside the lifts are not tactile. Reaching a level is indicated by an acoustic signal and voice announcement. Note: The emergency call device in the lifts is not integrated into the audio induction loop.
  • Electric chair lifts:
    • In the exhibition area ”In motion” (level 1, internal dimensions: 77 x 90 cm; load capacity: 300 kg) – not intended for unsupervised operation, operated by our staff as needed.
    • To the Ruetz hydropower station in the exhibition area ”Energy” (level 2, internal dimensions: 78 x 89 cm; load capacity: 220 kg) – operated by our staff as needed.


Accessible toilets (unisex) are found on each level (except on level 1) and are marked in the museum plan.

Accessibility in the exhibitions:

  • Except in the exhibition area „At Work“ (level 3), there is no tactile guidance system at the museum.
  • Audio stations are not equipped with induction loops.
  • Seating facilities are provided in all exhibition areas.
  • The museum is not air-conditioned. Exception: exhibition area „Musical instruments“ (level 4).
  • The museum has many interactive elements, which is why there may be increased noise levels. There are no designated quiet areas.
  • Exhibition and object texts are available in both German and English.•

Caféteria/Bistro of Technisches Museum Wien:


Accessibility of the Joules Bistro: via the main lift (level 2).

Tel.: +43-1-89998-1820
A woman and a man study an old architectural plan of a building with a magnifying glass in the library:


The archive and the library are accessible and can be entered by prior arrangement only!

Tel.: +43-1-89998-0