The Österreichische Mediathek (Austrian Media Library), part of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna museum of science and technology), preserves Austria’s audio-visual heritage. Our archive comprises more than two million audio and video recordings of Austrian history.
  • • We collect and index audio and video media ranging from shellack records to video files.
  • • We permanently secure our holdings through digitisation and digital long-term archiving.
  • • We make Austria’s audio-visual cultural heritage accessible to the public as well as to science and education.
The Österreichische Mediathek boasts the most extensive audio-visual web presence on Austria’s culture and history, offering more than 30 web exhibitions on cultural and historical topics.
With our catalogues and contextualised and citable audio and video recordings made available online, our embeddable player as well as our metadata available for download, we support research in the fields of human, social and cultural sciences. 
For school teaching, we provide around a dozen theme packages, encouraging the thoughtful handling of audio-visual sources.
An experienced team of technical specialists and subject-matter experts meets the challenges of preserving the audio-visual heritage and takes care of the laborious and diversified tasks. Our archiving, research and educational work is recognised on a both national and international scale. The basis of all projects is digitisation, digital long-term archiving as well as content indexing of the collection.


Gumpendorfer Straße 95
1060 Vienna

Monday–Thursday: 12:00–6:00
Friday: 10:00–15:00


Österreichische Mediathek
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