Whether you are already familiar with our museum or are visiting us for the first time: With our affordable annual pass, you will experience countless “Aha!” moments across an exhibition area of about 22,000 m2.

Your Benefits

  • Free entry to all permanent and special exhibitions with unique exhibits and interactive hands-on installations
  • Exciting education programmes for all ages
  • A variety of puzzle hunts through the museum
and much more...You will see, no visit is like the other!

Card formats

Our annual pass is available as a standard check card or as an eco-friendly digital annual pass.To avoid waiting times, you can order either pass variant in advance conveniently from home.

Special prices

  • Students aged 19 to 25 years with a valid ID card can purchase our annual pass for a discounted price of € 35. Available only at the museum ticket counters! 
  • Free admission for children and teenagers under 19.

A decorative illustration with text "Gift some tech!" for an Annual Pass.digital:

Gift a year full of "aha" experiences!

Surprise your loved ones with the chance to immerse themselves in the captivating world of technology through our exclusive annual passes designed for genuine tech enthusiasts!