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Artificial intelligence?

This online tour presents the subject of “Artificial intelligence?” from various perspectives.
Kindergartens & Schools
6.–13. Grade (11–19 years)
Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has developed by leaps and bounds and is making tremendous progress in research. AI already analyses X-ray images, makes cars drive autonomously and communicates with humans. AI has not only conquered science, technology and industry, but has already become a part of modern everyday life.

Interactive approaches explain to the pupils how AI and image recognition programmes work, while also taking a look at the early days of communication between humans and machines. What does the term “AI” mean, what role does it already play in daily life and in what areas is its use still limited?

  • This online tour (via Zoom) is organised and supervised live by two cultural mediators.
  • Ideal setting: a laptop/PC/tablet with Internet access and headset per pupil (alternatively: 2 pupils per device)
  • The link for the Zoom meeting will be sent to you by email about one hour before the online tour.
  • Laptop/PC/tablet, Internet access, the programme “Zoom” as the communication platform, basic computer skills.
  • All further information and the link for the Zoom meeting will be sent to the teachers by email a few days before the online tour.
Please note that this workshop is only offered in German. If you are interested in a programme held in English, please contact: wissensvermittlung@tmw.at
© Technisches Museum Wien/Sebastian Weissinger
Duration: 50min
Group size: 28
  • Adult € 4,50
  • Online-Login € 4,50
  • Under 19 years € 4,50
  • Package under 15 persons: € 67,50
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