Flyer Climate Cooking Workshop
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Climate cooking workshop

Getting kids interested in climate-friendly food: Specialising in children’s meals, GOURMET Kids is devoted to educating even the youngest about the importance of a healthy diet and sustainable food.
Kids & Family
Age 7 to 12
The interactive programme is designed to show young visitors that climate protection is fun and can taste really good. Based on illustrative examples, the pupils learn in a playful way how important a healthy diet consisting of seasonal and regional foods is for the climate and the environment.

Topics such as the ecological footprint and sustainability are explained and the children are positively motivated to make their own contribution to a better world. In the practical part, the pupils are invited to try out sustainable recipes together. 
Flyer Climate Cooking Workshop
© Gourmet Kids
Duration: 02:30h
Group size: 15
  • Adult € 7,50
  • Under 19 years € 7,50
Tue 07.06.10:3013:00
"Deine Birne rettet die Welt"
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€ 7,50