The interactive exhibition for families with children from age 3 to 8 stimulates the joy of experimentation and activity, because the versatile and artistic adventure playground holds numerous stations in store for curious explorers!
Kids & Family
Age 3 to 8
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The miniXplore puts a focus on playful exploration – without giving instructions and without “right” or “wrong”, enabling children and accompanying adults to venture on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) without fear of failure while having a lot of fun and excitement.

Slot system

To ensure the best possible experience, spots in the miniXplore are limited and can only be used within a 40-minute time slot. For this reason, children and adults can only visit the miniXplore with a valid time-slot ticket. This ticket does not include admission to the museum.
Reserve a preferred time slot
Want to secure your preferred time slot? No problem! You can book it in advance online or at the cash desk for a reservation fee of € 2.50 per person. 

Remaining slots for the day
You are spontaneous and flexible? Any remaining slots for the day can be booked for free at the ticket offices. Please be mindful of keeping the number of adults to a minimum. Thank you for your consideration and fairness!

Group rate

Exciting experiences await the entire kindergarten and school group at the museum! You have the opportunity to visit miniXplore as a group:
  • Booking fee for groups in an educational context: € 20
  • Maximum group size: 25 people
  • Payment in cash at the museum's ticket counter
  • Dates available depending on availability, Monday to Friday (on weekdays)
  • For inquiries and reservations, please contact our booking office: + 43 1 899 98 - 3001 |


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In the interest of the playing children, we kindly request that you keep the number of adult accompanying persons to a minimum and thank you for your consideration and fairness!
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Duration: 40min
Group size: 40
  • Adult € 2,50
  • Under 19 years € 2,50

Instructions and tips

  • Children (3-8 years) are only allowed into the mini Xplorewhen accompanied by an adult supervisor.
  • The visit of miniXplore is possible for children and their guardians only with a valid time slot ticket.
  • In case of more than 15 min. delay, tickets that have been reserved lose their validation.
  • Street shoes must be removed in the miniXplore. You are welcome to bring slippers or sliding socks for yourself and your children.
  • Children and young people under 19 have free admission to the museum.
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