Plastic fantastic? Reusable, synthetic, problematic

Plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives. What is plastic made of? And what happens to plastic once we have used it? 
Kindergartens & Schools
2.–6. Grade (7–12 years)
We follow the trail of plastic from the oil rig to the bathroom. We peak inside our shopping trolleys and discuss why plastic actually ends up in our oceans. This guided tour provides tips on how every one of us can contribute to protecting the environment. In the end, everyone will have the opportunity to explore microplastics in an experiment!
Please book in due time – the tours at 9 am are quickly booked out!
Two accompanying persons can attend for free. Please note that this guided tour is only offered in German. If you are interested in a tour held in English, please contact:
Duration: 50min
Group size: 28
  • Adult € 4,50
  • Under 19 years € 4,50
  • Package under 15 persons: € 67,50
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