smart world remote

Artificial intelligence has already conquered our daily lives – it’s built into smartphones, assists in medical diagnoses, controls traffic and is shaping the cities of the future. But in this web of people, data and control, questions arise about the interactions between AI technology and societal interests.
Teenagers & Adults
Age 12+
Building on the Smart World exhibition, this online tour focuses on various applications of artificial intelligence. Interactive access points illustrate how they work or show how much ChatGPT and other applications have already changed the working world and the media landscape.

The presentation also includes artistic perspectives that creatively and critically call for a responsible approach to this technology on the part of society and politics. How smart is AI in each individual case?
(written with the help of ChatGPT)
Duration: 01:00h
Group size: 28
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Please note that this guided tour is held in German.
There are currently no dates available.