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Who still has the energy to cook?

The cake is baking in the oven, the water is boiling on the stove – cooking requires energy! Can we make preparing meals more resource-efficient? We are building a solar cooker! 
Kids & Family
Age 7 to 12
This workshop examines how food is produced and processed into the products we can buy in the supermarket or at the baker’s. The group explores food production processes from Kaiser roll stamps and slaughterhouses to drones, while learning what machines and techniques are used to produce large quantities of food for many people and how much energy is consumed in the process.

In the second part of the workshop, the group builds their own solar cooker, taking first steps towards self-sufficient cooking according the hands-on principle.
Please note that this workshop is only offered in German.
© Technisches Museum Wien
Duration: 02:00h
Group size: 25
  • Adult € 7,50
  • Under 19 years € 7,50
Sun 28.08.14:0016:00
25 tickets available
€ 7,50