The value of money

Money's significance extends far beyond its role as a medium of exchange for goods and services: the new exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) not only traces the historical evolution and constant changes in payment transactions but also highlights the tangible presence of cash in our daily lives.
New! / Level 2
The 14 chapters of the exhibition delve into the multifaceted nature of money, touching on aspects that also resonate with our emotions. From an early age, board games introduce us to the concepts of handling and trusting money, as well as saving and collecting. The images on banknotes and coins reveal the personalities, symbols and landmarks that hold significance for their countries, while technological advancements continually reshape our payment methods.

CASH. The value of money explores the allure of money, showing how coin-operated machines “sense” money and how an ATM actually works. The exhibition also addresses the ongoing transition from analogue to digital payments and the debate surrounding it, as well as the lifecycle of cash from its production to its use and disposal. The exhibition is additionally accompanied by an audio track that visitors can discover using QR codes.

Exhibition duration: until March 2025
Teenagers & Adults


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