Corona Impact: Mementos in 17 stations

Pop-up installation

While the global pandemic was not yet be over and remained ever present in media and society, a semblance of normality was slowly returning to our everyday lives. Austria’s first museum exhibition on the impact of COVID-19 aimed to encourage visitors to engage critically with our ‘new circumstances’ and contextualise the many different repercussions.
It examined, for instance, which existing inequalities or grievances were highlighted or exacerbated by the corona crisis and what lessons we can learn for climate change and environmental protection, which for the time being had been put on hold due to the lockdown. Visitors were also invited to imagine themselves in other – perhaps more remote – realities of everyday life and to reflect on what hygiene measures look like when you don’t have access to clean water, or how children and adolescents got on with e-learning.

Our own personal actions were also scrutinised. Did we allow ourselves to be guided by irrational fears and start panic buying? How much data – and what kind of data – are we willing to give away for the sake of convenience or a subjective sense of security?
‘Inform, Become Aware, Discuss, and Participate’ was the motto of the pop-up installation:
It was structured along the lines of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, which are anchored in the new mission statement of the Technisches Museum Wien. At the Museum, selected impacts on the SDGs were showcased in 17 stations by way of illustration, creating a space for encounters, dialogue and discussions.

Videos on the newly created YouTube channel (from the launch onwards) offered deeper insights into more specific data, facts & figures designed to make visitors even more comprehensively aware of the impact of the corona crisis.

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