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Aerospace innovations

What technical innovations are currently underway? What ideas and inventions from Austria could change our world? The new exhibition series showcases current cutting-edge developments.
The new exhibition format Innovation Corner gives Austrian start-ups and innovative businesses a stage for presenting pioneering technologies. Visitors can learn what innovations are currently being explored and what new ideas are being developed in Austria and get exclusive previews of the first prototypes. In regularly changing presentations, visitors can gain multifaceted insights into a wide range of innovative industry sectors and experience how dynamic, diversified and hands-on the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is, including as an economic and employment sector. The presentations are changed on a quarterly basis and are created in the current cycle in collaboration with the Lower Austrian venture capital fund tecnet equity and the technology incubator accent.

Aerospace innovations
Whether it’s transport drones, satellite cryptography or the latest generation of measuring instruments: Austria’s aerospace industry is positioning itself in the global technology race with a wide range of innovative approaches.

These technologies are usually used at a great distance from Earth – but in the Innovation Corner of the Technisches Museum Wien, they were at your fingertips: In collaboration with tecnet equity and accent, Lower Austrian universities of applied sciences and start-ups presented their ideas, concepts and projects in the field of aerospace.

Visitorscould found out what the movement of satellites has to do with data encryption, how 3D printing facilitates the construction of space flight components, what instrument protects satellites from damage caused by electrical charges or how the design of a drone determines its payload. This presentation format has also provided information on why the use of the solid fuel indium simplifies the handling of engines and what technical requirements have to be taken into account due to the extreme environmental conditions in space. The various projects and innovations demonstrated not only the practical relevance of aerospace degree programmes, but also the innovative strength of Austrian companies in the aerospace industry.

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