Build your own USS Enterprise!
Teenagers & Adults
Metal Earth are trendy and amazing-looking 3D models in a high-gloss stainless-steel design made from extremely thin, flexible, pre-cut 110 x 110 mm square metal sheets. These metal sheets contain the removable pieces for the assembly of the respective 3D models. Using the easy-to-follow instructions, simply snip out the pieces and bend the tabs through the corresponding connection points without any glue. The resulting models are stunningly detailed and make great eye-catchers! 
Metal Earth is exciting for people of all ages and not just diehard model-building enthusiasts, especially because the Metal Earth range covers a huge variety of themes, such as: Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Wild West, Harry Potter, countless ship model kits (including the Titanic), airplanes, trains, vehicles of all kinds, dinosaur skeletons, famous architecture of human history and a lot more! Recommended age: 14+