Is my donation as part of an exhibit sponsorship deductible?
Donations to the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) are tax deductible as special expenses.
How long does my sponsorship last?
A sponsorship lasts for a period of 3 years and can, of course, be renewed for the desired number of periods.
Am I the only sponsor of my favourite exhibit?
Yes, you purchase an exclusive sponsorship for your favourite exhibit. 
Can I gift an exhibit sponsorship?
You are welcome to give an exhibit sponsorship as a gift to someone. Please let us know all the contact details by email to
Will I be mentioned by name as a sponsor?
Yes, if you wish, your name will be displayed on our website directly next to the exhibit. 
What rights and obligations are involved in an exhibit sponsorship?
Your donation is a voluntary payment and therefore does not involve any rights or obligations. 
Do you have any further questions?
We will be happy to hear from you and answer any further questions!
Point of contact: Mag. Martina Wriesnig, BA. , tel. 01899 98-1730