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Media history

Showtime! Special effects in film

Green screen, performance capture and other special effects: Your class will learn about these and the oldest trick in film history in the online workshop and try them out hands-on. The students will find out how effects work in film and how the impossible becomes possible on screen.
Kindergarten & School
5–8 Grade
Online Programme
Discover completely new perspectives on film and film tricks together with your students. Participants will test their acting skills in front of the (cell phone) camera and experiment with one of the most magical film tricks in history in this workshop!

  • This interactive online workshop is designed and supervised live by two facilitators.
  • Students will need a smartphone with a special (free) app. Ideally, all students have a personal smartphone.
  • Otherwise they work in small groups of 2-3 students per phone.
  • All students need a computer (laptop/PC/tablet) with internet access and webcam.
  •  The common work platform is Zoom.
  • Information on preparation (app download, documents) and the link for the Zoom meeting will be sent to the teacher by e-mail approx. 10 days before the booked date.
  • Two accompanying persons can participate free of charge.
  • If the students are home-schooled, each student needs a computer and a smartphone.

Two accompanying adults can participate for free.
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Duration: 01:30h
Group size: 28
  • Adult € 5,50
  • Under 19 years € 5,50
  • Package under 15 persons: € 82,50


Please note that this programme is held in German. If you are interested in a programme held in English, please contact: wissensvermittlung@tmw.at.
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