The VR hands-on birdly (R) in action. This is part of the exhibition In Motion at the Technisches Museum Wien.
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Birdly® – The VR flight experience

You would like to fulfil your dream of flying and float through the air like a bird? 
Kids & Family
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Impressive virtual reality experience and innovative robotics technology enable visitors to explore cities, underwater worlds and the age of dinosaurs in a vivid full-body experience!

A spectacular new arrival awaits all daring and thrill-seeking visitors in our permanent exhibition “In motion”: Birdly® gives visitors the opportunity to fly like a bird and discover fantastic perspectives in a realistic virtual reality experience. For an even more immersive full-body experience, users control their flight by moving their arms while they can even feel the wind on their faces. In addition, accompanying visitors can watch the Birdly® flight on a large-format screen.

Duration of the VR flight: 4 minutes
Location: “In motion” exhibition, level 1
Tickets: You can book your ticket within a 30-minute time slot both online and at the museum’s ticket counter.
Procedure: Please arrive on time for your time slot. You will be familiarised with the handling of Birdly® by our staff and then select your desired programme. Our ground crew will also coordinate the order of take-off and landing permissions among the participants within the 30-minute time slot.

You can choose between four virtual reality experiences:

  • Jurassic Flight
    In this VR experience, visitors can discover the world 150 million years ago from a pterosaur’s eye view and experience prehistorical landscapes and various dinosaurs up close.
  • Reef Dive
    Fancy admiring colourful coral reefs and swimming with dolphins and manta rays? This VR experience allows more than just literally “plunging into” the fascinating underwater world.
  • Zurich
    On this extraordinary “city trip”, visitors can explore the narrow, winding alleys of the historic city centre or cross Lake Zürich.
  • New York
    Daring visitors can experience the famous skyline from an entirely new perspective, fly through street canyons and discover the iconic landmarks.
  • VRace
    Fast reflexes and flying skills are required in this futuristic racing game in space. Users experience fast speeds, thrilling adrenaline rushes and the exhilaration of flying.
A unique full-body experience for young and old – only reality is even more beautiful!
Minimum height: 130 cm
Required arm length (fingertips to armpit): min. 60 cm
Recommended age: from approx. 10 years onwards

The VR station is supervised throughout the operating hours and disinfected after each use. Of course, all other safety measures, such as wearing a face mask and social distancing, apply as well.
The VR hands-on birdly (R) in action. This is part of the exhibition In Motion at the Technisches Museum Wien.
© Technisches Museum Wien
Duration: 30min
Group size: 4
  • Adult € 3,90
  • Under 19 years € 3,90
Thu 28.10.15:3016:00
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€ 3,90
Programs are not possible - except online programs (only available in German).