In Motion

The hands-on exhibition

Moving one and a half tonnes by muscle power? Being on the lookout while travelling at the speed of sound? And how do animals get around? The “In Motion” exhibition shows how mobility works.
We are all on the move. From the first time children start crawling to the flight around the world, we encounter many different forms of movement. The “In Motion” hands-on exhibition explores the phenomenon of mobility in a playful way and invites visitors to try things out for themselves.

Give it a try!

At the beginning, there is a speed test on a big slide. Children love this challenge! As a souvenir, a “sliding selfie” is automatically taken and can be sent by email. Anyone who wants to explore things for themselves has come to the right place. 30 interactive stations invite visitors to investigate the nature of mobility. What does it feel like to move the wheel of a railway carriage? What risk is taken in traffic? How much of the surroundings can still be recognised when travelling at the speed of sound? And why can people be distinguished by the way they walk?


Nature has developed a multitude of ingenious mobility solutions. Animals excel in finding their way around. They have special skills when it comes to moving fast or in a particularly energy-efficient manner. In collaboration with the Vienna Natural History Museum, the exhibition shows numerous examples of mobility in the world of animals. The exhibition is aimed at children and adolescents aged between 8 and 14, but has something to offer for adventurous visitors of any age. We recommend allowing 45 minutes for the exhibition.
Kids & Family


Download the accompanying booklet for the exhibition! It contains lots of additional information and DIY instructions that complement and enhance the visit to the exhibition.