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Birthday treasure hunt "mini"

A birthday party where all the kids follow a "hot trail"? That's possible at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology)!
Kids & Family
Age 4 to 7
Children's birthday
This treasure hunt leads through the museum as a search game around the theme of "warmth and movement", and opens up different perceptions for the children along the way: Various fun riddles and things to try out await the birthday group and guide them from one station to the next! 
The "hot trail" that the children follow leads to large locomotives, makes body heat visible, lets warm air and fantastic thoughts soar high. There's definitely something for everyone. If at the end fine sounds can be heard, the well-hidden treasure is not far away!
Organisational details: 
  • 60-minute birthday treasure hunt through the Technisches Museum Wien 
  • Staff experienced in working with children
  • Including a present for the birthday child 
  • Birthday snack can be booked separately at the museum café
Please book in due time – Fri, Sat and Sun are particularly popular!
© Technisches Museum Wien/ Daniel Zupanc
Duration: 01:00h
Group size: 10
  • Birthday-Rallye: € 170,00


Please note that birthday treasure hunts can currently only take place in German.
Request a slot:
Sun 30.06.
14:00 o'clock
Sat 27.07.
14:00 o'clock
Sun 28.07.
11:00 o'clock
Fri 06.09.
15:00 o'clock
Fri 13.09.
15:00 o'clock