Who is brave and adventurous? Pack your sleeping bag and torch and spend an exciting night at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology)!
Kindergartens & Schools
4.–8. Grade (10–14 years)
Guide / Action
The night of adventure at the Technisches Museum Wien is a very special experience! When the last visitors have left the museum in the evening, that’s when the fun and adventure really start. The Technisches Museum will be explored at night in small groups. Only those who work together well as a team will be able to solve the exciting puzzles and complete some tricky tasks. Which team will have the spirit, brains and courage to come out on top? 
Organisational details:
  • Start at 5.00 pm, end at 9.00 am the following day
  • Dinner and breakfast included 
  • Group size: 70–80 pupils
  • The accompanying persons of the school take responsibility for the pupils throughout the Camp-In.
  • The groups are supervised by experienced, well-trained cultural mediators.
  • Grade 4-8
  • Unfortunately, other or additional dates are not available for organisational reasons.
  • Since the number of dates is limited, every school will be given one date at maximum.
  • Prices: EUR 79.00 per pupil; EUR 39.00 per accompanying person 
Duration: 16:00h
Group size: 80
  • Adult € 39,00
  • Under 19 years € 79,00
Currently there are no slots available.