Modell Stockholmer Bahnhof: Inv. Nr. ZDS-UE-0201-A

Energy: Please turn around!

The guided tour of the current special exhibition addresses the question of how a switch to renewable energies can work in times of the climate and energy crisis.
Teenagers & Adults
Age 12+
Energy is a central element of our modern society. It is hard to imagine everyday life without the secure supply of electricity, heat or mobility. However, the ongoing climate crisis requires a rapid change of course to a sustainable energy economy.

This guided tour provides information and food for thought regarding current challenges and pressing questions. How does our dependence on oil, coal and gas affect the climate system? How can we accomplish the energy transition? What innovations can help us do so? And how can we all contribute to achieving this goal in our daily lives?

Modell Stockholmer Bahnhof: Inv. Nr. ZDS-UE-0201-A
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Duration: 45min
Group size: 15
  • Adult € 4,50
  • Under 19 years € 4,50
  • Package under 15 persons: € 67,50


Please note that this guided tour is held in German.
Sun 23.06.14:0014:45
15 tickets available
€ 4,50