Energy transition – a race against time

A RACE AGAINST THE TIME. FROM THE THINKING_FORWARD_ EXHIBITION SERIES. Global warming and the energy crisis make a transition to sustainable energy more urgent than ever before. How can we accomplish the energy transition? What innovations help us do so and what can we all contribute in our daily lives?
until 30 December 2024
Energy is a central element of our modern society. It is hard to imagine everyday life without electricity, heating or mobility. However, the ongoing climate crisis requires us to quickly adopt new approaches with a view to satisfying the energy needs of the rapidly growing global population in a more sustainable way.
The exhibition, which has been developed in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), demonstrates the complex dynamics of the energy transition and the climate crisis, gives an overview of possible strategies and novel technologies and seeks to open up new perspectives for visitors that empower them to actively participate in the climate discourse. On five levels, interested visitors can gain insights into the diverse and intertwined challenges – as well as into the great variety of innovative solution approaches – and can experience first-hand what a successful energy transition and a climate-neutral future could look like.
Visitors are taken on an insightful journey of discovery to learn what impact our dependence on oil, coal and natural gas has on the natural climate system and why we need the energy transition to keep our planet liveable. The exhibition provides information and food for thought regarding current challenges and pressing questions: Why do we need more and more energy? How can industrial production become more efficient and more economical? How can we optimise our own consumption? How can we generate climate-neutral electricity – and why is nuclear power suddenly considered “green”? How do infrastructure, networks and technologies need to be designed for a long-term fossil fuel phase-out and to what extent can hydrogen support us in doing so?
An interactive simulator offers visitors the opportunity to hold the reins of power themselves, choose a mix of measures and learn more about the effects – as well as the fields of tension – on the climate and the world. Finally, “good news from the future” is presented as a motivational boost: What will the world of tomorrow look like if we take the right turns and make the appropriate adaptations today? Visitors are shown the vision of a world that used the climate crisis as an opportunity to create a new, sustainable future.

Duration of the exhibitions: until December 2024
Teenagers & Adults