High-voltage demonstration

Electricity in the air! An impressive show at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) takes you on a trip through the world of electricity and current.
Kindergartens & Schools
2.–13. Grade (7–19 years)
Guide / Action
We use two special devices to generate extremely high voltages and conduct astonishing experiments. We make light bulbs glow without using a power cable and even create real lightning bolts! Moreover, we explain why hair often stands on end when children go down a slide and tell many other interesting stories about electricity. 
Please note that, unfortunately, visitors with a pacemaker cannot attend the high-voltage demonstration.
Please book in due time – the tours at 9 am are quickly booked out. Two accompanying persons can attend for free. This show is only offered in German. However, we can subtitle the slides in English. Please ask our colleagues at the high-voltage demonstration.
Duration: 30min
Group size: 70
  • Adult € 4,50
  • Under 19 years € 4,50
  • Package under 15 persons: € 67,50
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Tue 06.09.
09:15 o'clock
Tue 06.09.
10:15 o'clock
Wed 07.09.
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Thu 08.09.
13:30 o'clock
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