Make way – here we come!

Who is as fast as a ship, a car or even an airplane? Jet through the mobility exhibition with us! Explore all the machines that fly through the air, float on water or race across the land. 
Kids & Family
Age 4 to 7
Join us on an exciting journey of adventure to find out why airplanes fly, ships do not sink and the front wheel of a high wheeler is nearly as big as a human being. Which vehicles are propelled by steam, glide or go against the current? Even muscle power can set quite a few things in motion! 
© Technisches Museum Wien/Christine Tschavoll
Duration: 01:00h
Group size: 16
  • Adult € 5,50
  • Under 19 years € 5,50


Please note that this workshop is held in German.
Thu 04.01.12:3013:30
14 tickets available
€ 5,50
Sat 13.01.12:3013:30
13 tickets available
€ 5,50
Sat 27.01.12:3013:30
16 tickets available
€ 5,50