Facade projection by Xaver Hopfgartner (rainbow flag for Pride Month 2022 at the Technical Museum Vienna)
People & Society

Pride Month 2023

We live and breathe diversity and celebrate variety. Our goal is to establish a gender-informed research, education and exhibition practice at the museum. During Pride Month, we offer queer guided tours on the subject and invite you to learn more about it.
Teenagers & Adults
To celebrate Pride Month 2023, the museum will project rainbow colours onto its façade on select days. Additionally, a various programme will be offered to engage visitors with the diversity of LGBTQ+ themes.

In the history of technology, queer topics and people did not get a chance to speak for a long time. This is one of the reasons why technology came to be seen as a male, heterosexual domain. The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) shows that this is not the case in a guided tour linking LGBTIQ+ history with technology and society.
The techLAB is also dedicated to Pride Month. Our free, open maker*space can be used for all types of design work, be it printing a shirt with the transfer press, designing a sign with the laser cutter or creating an accessory with the 3D printer.
In our online magazine ZINE, we present museum work and research findings on the topic of “Focus Gender”. Embracing and representing diversity involves creating an inclusive space where new knowledge can be generated. Why this is especially important in a museum of science and technology is examined in more detail in ZINE.

Life story narratives from the online archive of the Austrian Media Library provide private insights into the biographical dimension of queer lifestyles, while historical radio contributions reflect on changes in media discourse.



           Sat 03/06/2023 and Fri 16/06/2023, both at 3.30 – 4.15 pm,
           for teenagers and adults
           the whole Pride Month during the techLAB opening hours
           (Thu–Sun, 2:00–5:30 pm)
           Queer stories from the collection of the Media Library
           (only available in German).
Facade projection by Xaver Hopfgartner (rainbow flag for Pride Month 2022 at the Technical Museum Vienna)
Xaver Hopfgartner © Technisches Museum Wien