Diverse Infrastructures? Gender, Queer & the Foundations of Society

3rd Vienna Workshop on STEM Collections, Gender and Sexuality
Teenagers & Adults
Keywords: Infrastructure, Gender and Sexuality, Science and Technology, Materiality and Material Culture, Museum Studies

The focus of the "3rd Vienna Workshop on STEM Collections, Gender and Sexuality" will be on infrastructures—socio-technical systems and immaterial networks that link people, materialities, places, institutions and services. In the form of, e.g., transportation routes, water and energy supply systems as well as communication networks, they create long-lived structures but also path dependencies. They provide, enable and prevent social functions—e.g., mobility, interchange, communication—and ensure the operation and functioning of society, the economy, and politics. By being embedded in social structures, they reproduce social realities.

In addition to lectures and discussions, the programme offers workshops, an exhibition tour and a film screening.

To take part at the workshop please contact us at the number of seats is limited.

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