Sujet der Ausstellung „Künstliche Intelligenz?“

Artificial intelligence?

Digital change, digital future: robots and artificial intelligence are finding their way into our private lives. They accompany us in our own four walls, assist us in traffic and give us inspiration in the creative process.
only until 26.10.2022
Progress is fast paced: computers compose symphonies and control trams. Now, in the centuries-long journey of automation, a directional decision is imminent: Do we use the algorithms to avert the climate crisis or do we reinforce social injustices through their use? Are we empowering people in need of care or are we misusing sensitive health data? How do we shape and think about the newly acquired (in)dependencies?
Together with the Federal Ministry (BMK) the Technisches Museum Wien sheds light on the myths surrounding the innovation topic of the 21st century. The third part of the series weiter_gedacht_ gives visitors a transparent, reflective look at the utopias and hysterias surrounding humanoid robots and autonomous systems. They will be asked about the possibilities of how we can use them for the great social and technological upheavals. In a joint discovery, we dive into the black box of artificial intelligence and find fascinating algorithms, ingenious innovations and the timeless desires of curious people.
Teenagers & Adults


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