High Moon

50 years of Moon landing at the TMW

Neil Armstrong was the first human being to set foot on the Moon in July 1969. Back then, the Moon landing was seen as “mankind’s greatest adventure”. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, the Technisches Museum Wien revived this feat of engineering by showcasing its large-scale models from NASA’s Apollo programme.
20 percent of humanity watched live on TV as Neil Armstrong took his first step on the lunar surface in July 1969. As part of a dedicated setting, visitors to the Technisches Museum Wien had the opportunity to re-experience the space flight undertaken by Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, all the way from the moment of the launch to the landing on the Moon and their return to Earth. Alongside the Moon rock from the Apollo 11 mission, an Austrian Flag was on display which the astronauts had taken to the Moon and which U.S. President Nixon had then presented to the then Austrian Federal President Franz Jonas as a gift. The exhibition took a retrospective look at the 1960s “Space Race”, the role of women at NASA and the visit to the TMW by Apollo 13 astronaut James Lovell in 1971 while also providing an outlook on the upcoming “Space Race” to the Moon in the 2020s with the planned construction of an international lunar village.

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