Innovation Corner: Agri-food

Innovations for the future of agriculture and food

What technical innovations are currently underway? What ideas and inventions from Austria could change our world? The new exhibition series showcases current cutting-edge developments.
The new exhibition format Innovation Corner gives Austrian start-ups and innovative businesses a stage for presenting pioneering technologies. Visitors can learn what innovations are currently being explored and what new ideas are being developed in Austria and get exclusive previews of the first prototypes. In regularly changing presentations, visitors can gain multifaceted insights into a wide range of innovative industry sectors and experience how dynamic, diversified and hands-on the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is, including as an economic and employment sector. The presentations are changed on a quarterly basis and are created in the current cycle in collaboration with the Lower Austrian venture capital fund tecnet equity and the technology incubator accent.

To kick off the new cycle, this Innovation Corner presentation was dedicated to agri-food, showcasing innovative projects from the agricultural and food sector. Agri-food is a term that combines the words “agriculture” and “food” and describes the entire supply chain from agricultural production to the processing, distribution and consumption of food. Innovations are also playing an increasingly important role in this area and are changing the way we grow, harvest, process and enjoy food. These developments are crucial to feed the growing global population and protect resources while ensuring food security. Among other things, the exhibition showed how researchers are finding ways to use enzymes to create high-value products from waste materials such as food waste. It also featured solutions that can help overcome water scarcity in agriculture, such as organic hydrogels made from wood by-products that store water and gradually release it to plants. Visitors could also see how cutting-edge technologies are making farming more efficient and sustainable by distinguishing between crops and weeds.

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