The 12.10

A Superlative Steam locomotive

It is the largest, heaviest, most powerful and fastest steam locomotive ever built in Austria: The 12.10!
with its Series 12 steam locomotives the newly established Republic of Austria was able to set new standards in the 1930s along the main Vienna-to-Salzburg railway route.
So we’re delighted that this superlative locomotive, the showcase of Austria’s domestic industry and a legend in Austrian railway history, has now found a new place at the Technisches Museum Wien.
The 12.10 was built at the Floridsdorf locomotive factory in 1936. The locomotive and its tender have a total length of 22.6 m and a combined weight of 138 tonnes. With its 2,700 hp it could reach top speeds of 154 km/h, a record for the time!
After extensive preparations the 12.10 now stands in the west hall of the Technisches Museum Wien. But it will be some time yet before the locomotive can go on show at a new exhibition as many individual parts still need to be machined and fitted.