The key instrument to ensure maximum accessibility for researchers is the museum’s online database (collections and archive), which is considered to be an open science tool. 
Since as early as 2016, the Technisches Museum Wien has been the only Austrian federal museum to make its entire collection available online, i.e. not only in the form of a representative catalogue of partial collections.
The real-time online database currently comprises about 158,000 object data sets and nearly 196,000 archive data sets. The most important finding aid within the huge collection is indexing, which is continuously updated. This includes the museum’s thesaurus, which already contains more than 35,000 technical, scientific, historical and geographical terms, and indexing across all areas, especially catalogues of critical terms for gender attributions and anti-racist vocabulary for holdings from colonial contexts. The vocabulary is developed in consultation with other museums of technology and in close collaboration with communities, activists, NGOs and networks to create a multi-perspective terminology.
In the future, the museum’s print editions and the ”Blätter für Technikgeschichte” are planned to be published in digital form, the goals being the retro-digitisation of existing volumes and the development of an electronic format for the museum’s scientific series as open access publications.

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Martina Griesser-Stermscheg

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