House Rules

The Technisches Museum Wien is delighted to welcome you. Before you begin your visit, we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules. Our House Rules are designed to make your visit to the Museum as enjoyable as possible for everyone, but also to protect the premises and exhibits from any damage, and increase overall safety.
  1. Do not touch or step onto any of the historical objects.
  2. Any umbrellas, backpacks and bags larger than a lady’s small handbag are to be handed in at the cloakroom or placed inside a cloakroom locker. The Museum cannot assume any liability for any valuables stored in the cloakroom. Parents of small children under the age of may take a bag or backpack with them, subject to prior inspection.
  3. Any objects lost & found will be handed in at the information desk. Any objects not collected will be handed over to the Lost & Found Office.
  4. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. No food or drinks are permitted in the exhibition areas.
  5. Animals are not allowed inside the Museum. Exception: Assistance dogs registered in your disability pass (maximum of two assistance dogs per group; maximum of three assistance dogs inside the Museum at any time).
  6. Wheelchair users and visitors with children’s strollers and/or buggies should contact the supervising staff before using the access ramps etc. in the area of the central hall and E1.
  7. Filming and photography are permitted without flash and/or tripod for private use exclusively.All other filming or photography is subject to prior authorisation and must be notified ahead of the visit to the Museum.
  8. Educators, supervisors and guardians are responsible for the children and/or pupils in their care.
  9. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult to access the Museum.Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using the lifts.
  10. No bicycles, scooters or similar are to be taken into the Museum. Similarly, balloons filled with helium or balloon gas and gas cylinders cannot be taken inside the Museum.
  11. The admission price cannot be refunded once you have entered the Museum. If you miss the start of a guided tour, the guided tour fee cannot be refunded.
  12. Admission tickets (excl. annual tickets) are valid for one day only and must be retained until the end of the visit. You may interrupt your visit to the Museum on one and the same day as long as you notify the Information Desk or the Ticket Inspection staff before leaving the Museum.
  13. For security reasons the Museum premises are monitored by surveillance cameras. The Technisches Museum Wien reserves the right to hand over any such recordings to the authorities and/or the courts as required.
  14. The Technisches Museum Wien reserves the right to ban any of the following persons from visiting the Museum:
    – Persons who violate or are in breach of the House Rules.
    – Persons who disrupt the Museum’s operations through their behaviour or are prejudicial to the reputation and good standing of the Museum through their behaviour and/or appearance.
    – Persons who suffer from a notifiable contagious or transmittable disease.
    – Persons who carry weapons (as defined by the Weapons Act) or dangerous objects.
  15. The instructions of the Museum staff and supervising staff are to be observed at all times!
Vienna, November 2020