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Making STEM female – Guided educator tour

The STEM fields are still largely dominated by men – but science and research have also always been a domain of women. The guided educator tour Making STEM female gives an insight into our education programmes and projects in the context of gender-sensitive (technology) education.
Guided Educator Tour
The Women’s Gallery of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) is dedicated to a history of technology in which women have played a key role and focuses on various female protagonists along with their inventions and discoveries. After all, the accomplishments of women and their working worlds long remained invisible. The guided tour Ingenious Women within the Women’s Gallery ranges from historical role models such as Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace or Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky to the present-day working worlds of women. In a new workshop format, we discuss with pupils the historical backgrounds and current developments in the context of equality in education and work. This was also a focus of the special exhibition Women at Work, which continues to be available as an online exhibition and can be used in the classroom.
We then take a look at the techLAB, where digital skills are taught to specifically encourage girls and women to take an open and relaxed approach to STEM topics and to do away with a stereotypical masculine image of technology.
The Technisches Museum Wien sees itself as a place of learning and discourse that bridges the realms of science, education, economy and society. As part of the guided educator tour, we present our programmes and are also happy to answer any organisational questions about how to prepare for a visit to the museum.
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Duration: 01:15h
Group size: 25
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Please note that this guided tour is held in German.
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