Climate – Can we still save our future?

What can we do about the climate crisis? In this effort, the guided tour through the Climate. Knowledge. Action! exhibition provides inspiration, information and ideas for a future worth living!
Teenagers & Adults
Climate change, biodiversity loss and water scarcity – we live on a damaged planet. Human-induced changes are threatening our natural resources. More and more people are asking: Can we still save our future?

In this guided tour, we look at environmental, societal and political systems to get to the bottom of the causes and effects of the climate crisis. Important questions are raised: What has prevented us from acting? What levers have the greatest impact? How does this relate to social justice? And what can we change at an individual, societal and structural level to preserve the quality of life on our planet?
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Duration: 45min
Group size: 25
  • Adult € 4,50
  • Under 19 years € 4,50
  • Package under 15 persons: € 67,50


Please note that this guided tour is held in German.
Mon 29.07.14:0014:45
25 tickets available
€ 4,50
Wed 14.08.14:0014:45
20 tickets available
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