Climate. Knowledge. Action!

Human-induced climate change is a major challenge for our environment and our society. But with today's knowledge, it is possible to tackle the climate crisis and create a future worth living for all. The new permanent exhibition combines facts with stunning satellite images and interactive stations to show the current state of the environment and, above all, what we can do on a small and large scale.
Living and environmental conditions are changing all over the world: Climate. Knowledge. Action! provides visitors with key data on the climate crisis and links them to specific examples spanning an area of more than 600 square metres. A wall of objects relates the beginning of the fossil fuel age to the present day, juxtaposing historical objects with current technological achievements and depicting a society in a state of constant technological change – both positive and negative. Large-scale environmental destruction, such as the clearing of rainforests, and the rate at which global temperatures have risen in recent decades are sometimes difficult to grasp in numbers alone. Climate. Knowledge. Action! offers a clear visual representation of these developments through various multimedia stations: At a glance, you can see the shrinking of lakes and glaciers, the extent of soil sealing and many other consequences of human impact on the environment.

The permanent exhibition not only documents the damage but also uses a variety of examples to show that it is in the hands of policymakers, society and each individual to take action to turn the tide. Examples such as stopping the hole in the ozone layer show how global cooperation and shared political commitment can make a difference and save lives. Interviews with experts, researchers and dedicated people offer solutions to climate change, but also raise critical questions about the issue.

Climate. Knowledge. Action! examines the situation on both a global and a personal level: Where does this sense of powerlessness and resignation come from? What tricks does our own psyche use to deal with the complexity of the climate crisis, and how can we recognise and even use them in a positive way? The exhibition shows how to improve our individual ecological footprint and which political measures are important for the climate. It also looks to the future:

Sustainable and adaptable
The current climate crisis shows how quickly things can change. That is why the Climate. Knowledge. Action! exhibition has been designed in such a way that it can be updated at any time. It has been planned and implemented with sustainability in mind, using recycled and natural materials wherever possible in its construction, and ensuring the reusability of its individual components.
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