Coding for beginners – Level 1

In our online workshop, you will learn the basics of connecting electronic components and controlling them using your self-developed programme. Prior experience is not necessary. You only need a computer or tablet with Internet access to take part – we will be working virtually on the Tinkercad Circuits Internet platform. 
Teenagers & Adults
Teenagers (14+)
There we will get to know Arduino, a sort of minicomputer or microcontroller that makes it possible to implement all kinds of projects – such as a flashing LED light, a robotic arm, a musical instrument or an app-controlled meteorological station. In our one-hour workshop, we will show you the individual work steps which you can try out right away, while leaving enough room for questions and dialogue.

The workshop is held in Zoom; the link will be sent to the participants beforehand.
Duration: 01:30h
Group size: 15
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Programs are not possible - except online programs (only available in German).