The interactive exhibition about nutrition

What are we eating today? What’s in it and is it healthy? Where does it come from and how does it get to me? Is it still edible? These are questions that we encounter every day and that constantly require us to make decisions.
Eating is an ordinary but complex matter. Eating is a fundamental human need and an expression of enjoyment and lifestyle. But our food also has a strong environmental impact. While some waste food, others are affected by hunger and lack of nourishment. What we eat and the way we eat comes at a price – for our purse, our body, other people as well as for the environment and the climate.

An exciting journey through the history and future of technology and food made clear: Making food available, non-perishable, palatable and affordable has always been the driving force behind technological innovations – now we need to address the question of how traditional and modern technologies can make the global food system more sustainable. The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology), which has integrated the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into its guiding principle and conceptual framework, demonstrated how extensively and closely our food is linked to sustainable development. 

Based on the questions we ask ourselves every day about satiety and enjoyment, FOODPRINTS got to the bottom of food. Interactive experiences and multimedia installations enabled visitors to find out what is in our food – in terms of technology, resources, work processes and environmental impact. The exhibition provided plenty of food for thought and showed how historical and global knowledge can give rise to innovations that can contribute to solving current and future challenges. 

A special highlight of the exhibition was the interactive educational area “tasteLAB”, where topics addressed in the exhibition could be experienced with all senses.
In addition, individual visitors and school classes of grades 1-13 were awaited by a varied educational programme consisting of workshops and guided tours that gave an understanding of sustainability, food and technology in a tasty way. 

To promote international exchange and sustainable museum work, this exhibition was part of a European collaboration between the Technisches Museum Wien, the DASA Dortmund and the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada. After its premiere in Vienna, FOODPRINTS is travelling through Europe starting from autumn 2022. This collaboration places a focus on innovation and sustainability and will also include exhibitions on biomimetics and artificial intelligence at the Technisches Museum Wien between 2022 and 2024. 

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