Innovation Corner: Circular Economy

A museum stage for forward-looking innovations from Austria

What technical innovations are currently underway? What ideas and inventions from Austria could change our world? The new exhibition series showcases current cutting-edge developments.
The new exhibition format Innovation Corner gives Austrian start-ups and innovative businesses a stage for presenting pioneering technologies. Visitors can learn what innovations are currently being explored and what new ideas are being developed in Austria and get exclusive previews of the first prototypes. In regularly changing presentations, visitors can gain multifaceted insights into a wide range of innovative industry sectors and experience how dynamic, diversified and hands-on the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is, including as an economic and employment sector.

The first exhibition series of the Innovation Corner was implemented in collaboration with Business Upper Austria, the Upper Austrian government’s location agency. Within the one-year line-up, new topics from Business Upper Austria’s #upperVISION2030 strategic programme and/or from the Upper Austrian Innovation Award were highlighted every four months. Both publicly funded projects and young start-ups will be represented; what they have in common is that they make promising contributions to research and industry in Upper Austria with their interdisciplinary research approach and sophisticated ideas.

Circular economy
Circular economy is on everyone’s lips. Because the ongoing climate crisis and scarcity of resources as well as the growing population require a transformation of our global economic system – away from the “throw-away economy” towards a model that extends the life cycle of existing resources by reusing, repairing, processing and recycling products and materials. The Innovation Corner of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) gave exclusive insights and showcased recent success stories of Upper Austrian businesses and research institutions engaged in the field of circular economy. It was shown, for example, how numerous partners along the entire value chain in the Plastics Cluster Upper Austria are investigating ways to optimise the reprocessing of plastics and to recycle previously non-recyclable materials by using innovative processes. There were also novel solutions for the textile industry – such as the resource-efficient radial braiding process in manufacturing as well as complex processing and sorting techniques that made it possible to properly recycle mixed textiles consisting of different fibres. Visitors to the Innovation Corner also learned how carbon electrodes, which are essential components of our energy storage systems, can be produced from constituents of wood or foods instead of petroleum.

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