Music Lounge

Electronic music in Austria

The new exhibition area is dedicated to the era of electronic music. Original objects of renowned musicians such as Joe Zawinul or Parov Stelar and numerous interactive elements invite visitors to delve into this art form.
Few art forms are as closely connected to technological development as electronic music. With the growing technical possibilities of producing sounds synthetically, it experienced a rapid boom from 1980, while the computer era opened up entirely new creative potential. Presenting impressive objects from the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology), the new “Music Lounge” exhibition area takes visitors on a journey through the history of electronic music, illustrating significant milestones in the development and dissemination of electronic music. The historical narrative would not be complete without the female avant-gardists who had a substantial influence on electronic music. In the “Music Lounge”, visitors can learn more about numerous female pioneers, including Johanna Magdalena Beyer, Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel and Wendy Carlos. Another focus area of the “Music Lounge” is the era of electronic music in Austria, showcasing fascinating original objects of prominent Austrian musicians, such as Parov Stelar, Joe Zawinul or Thomas Rabitsch. In addition, numerous interactive elements and a show stage offer the appropriate setting to delve into music production, inviting visitors to participate by composing, singing and performing.

Starting 1 June 2023, visitors to the exhibition area between “media.worlds” and “Musical instruments” can not only learn more about the history of electronic music in Austria, but also become involved by composing, singing and performing themselves – plenty of fun is guaranteed.
Teenagers & Adults