Winter Workshop

Pop-up adventure area for the whole family

In this area, families with children from age 3 can spend exciting and relaxing hours at Christmas time.
Right in time for the festive season, the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) is opening a new adventure area for the whole family called the “Winter Workshop”, which can be visited during the opening hours until the end of the Christmas holidays. In this area, families with children from age 3 can have an exciting time learning, discovering and trying out things in a playful way and delving into a wide range of different topic areas.

Playing, building, tinkering and creating
The first level of the Winter Workshop allows children from age 3 to give free rein to their creativity while improving their cognitive and motor skills, craftsmanship and technical knowledge in a playful way. To this end, a wide variety of MATADOR®, LEGO® and BIOBLO® materials are available, encouraging them to build, construct and design things in groups or individually.
Reading, learning, discovering and exploring
Another level provides children, adolescents and adults with the opportunity to delve into a wide range of different topics in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. To this end, the Technisches Museum Wien has selected more than 200 books, offering children aged 310 years an informative and stimulating read and allowing them to discover topic areas such as environment, climate and sustainability, astronomy and outer space as well as natural sciences and technology in an age-appropriate way. In line with the museum’s gender-informed values, there are also numerous books that are designed especially to get girls interested in technology and place a focus on female role models.

Exhibition duration: until 8th January 2023
Kids & Family

Opening hours

This children's area is always freely accessible during the museum's opening hours.

Accompanying persons are offered comfortable seating accommodations and exciting insights into the history of winter holidays from all over the world.


Share your best designs or your most enjoyable moment with the hashtag #Winterwerkstatt_TMW!


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