Be amazed, watch and try out

In July 2023, our interactive space for our youngest museum-goers "mini" closed and evolved into the new "minTi" children's area.
Do you like technology? Is there a small explorer inside you, waiting to get out? Then the mini is the right place for you! Here you can try out and touch everything, and move around a lot.

See, hear, feel, touch – mini is a place of adventure, a real playground for explorers! 
Do you want to know what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of a fire engine? Can you lift yourself into the air using your own strength? Or have you ever tried to generate sounds by hopping? Slip into the role of a police officer and control the traffic in “mini”. And if you are particularly curious, you can really get to the bottom of things in the “nano snail shell”. 
mini is an experience for all your senses – you are welcome to touch and try out everything! 
Those who need a short break after all these discoveries can bury themselves in one of the children’s books alone or in company or do some drawing. 
mini is the right place for your child to experience and discover things! In our area for small children, you can get to the bottom of physical and technical principles together with your child in a relaxing and child-friendly atmosphere. Be amazed, watch and try out things to promote independent action and thinking.

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