Mission Control: Where and how do we want to live in the future? On the Moon, on Mars or still on Earth?
Moon village: The Artemis program, which was initiated by NASA, ESA and other international partners, will include not only the construction of the “Lunar Gateway” international space station in the lunar orbit, but also a permanently occupied “Moon Village” on the Moon from the mid-2020s. The experiences gained there are intended to be used in developing a Mars colony. The resources available for the construction and operation of these habitats are limited; many things need to be recycled and reprocessed. Addressing this issue will also allow important conclusions to be drawn about sustainable and resource-efficient life on Earth.

Mars colony: “Making humans a multiplanetary species” is the guiding principle of Elon Musk and his aerospace company SpaceX, which is already conducting test flights with its “Starship” and is expected to be regularly taking off to Mars in the 2030s to build colonies there. Similar concepts are being developed for the human colonisation of the solar system: Private companies are to be given the opportunity to acquire licences for mining raw materials on the Moon, on Mars and on the asteroids. Will all humankind benefit from this cosmic wealth or only technologically privileged countries and private companies? This raises the question whether humankind may end up repeating crimes similar to those committed by Europe during the “colonialisation” of the Earth.

During the workshops and field trips, the ESERO will contribute its experience from the Moon Camp Challenge (ESA and Airbus Foundation), which deals with developing infrastructures on the Moon. Liquifer, a team of Austrian space architects, will give input for the design and construction of habitats, but will also supervise the collaborative process from start to completion. The project’s youth advisory board – the Mission Control – plays a significant role in addressing the central research questions.


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