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  • TMW_021_Zupanc.jpg
    Aktions-Führung (7–12 ages)

    Electricity – Particles on a journey

    Together we’ll find out what electricity actually consists of, why it always has to flow in a circuit, and lots more besides.

  • IMG_7309._Beebot.JPG

    Summ-Summ, our robotic bee, is buzzing around!

    Come and join us as we dive into the fascinating world of robotics! Do you know how a robot works? What different types of robots there are? So help us to control Summ-Summ, our robotic bee.

  • IMG_0083_Eisenbahn
    Family tour

    Travel in the past and present

    How did people travel in the old times - when there were neither aircraft, cars or trains? How has our everyday life changed through the growth in mobility? Discover different means of transport through the course of time!

  • TMW_Nov.16-047.jpg
    For children from 4–7 years


    Come aboard, sailor! Today we are putting to sea - travel with us into the colourful world of ships, oceans and giant soap bubbles!

  • TMW_091_Zupanc

    Winter paper chase

    Who’s that dashing through the Museum? There was something there! Did you see it? What’s that crackling and rustling? Join in and help us find the Museum Treasure as part of our action-packed paper chase.

  • CRD_5787_Energie
    Family tour (Children from 7–12 years)

    The world of electricity

    Washing machines, lights, cookers – imagine how many things would be useless without electricity. Take a look back at the past with your children and find out how electricity came into our homes in the first place.

  • FA-121723

    Musik liegt in der Luft

    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

  • VG0I9108_Verkehr
    Family tour (Children from 7–12 years)

    Everything that has wings, flies!

    People have always dreamed of flying. Whether kites, helicopters or hot-air balloons - come into the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) and hear great stories about them!

  • TMW_023_Zupanc
    Family tour (Children from 7 - 12 years)

    Power – muscle power or power plant?

    Mobile phones, Game Boys, lights – lots of devices in your playroom work with electricity. But how did appliances work in the old days, and how did people do heavy work?

  • CRD_8111_medien.welten
    Family tour (Children from 7–12 years)

    Life then and now

    How did families live around 1900? Did they have bathrooms or TVs? And was there even such a thing as a children’s room? Experience with your children what ordinary everyday life was like 100 years ago!

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