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  • TMW_2014_216_Daniel_Zupanc_In Bewegung
    Workshop for children (from 4–7 years)

    Make way – here we come!

    Are you as fast as a car, a ship or even an airplane? If so, then jet through the Mobility exhibition with us. Together we’ll explore everything that flies through the air, floats on water, and races across the land.

  • TMW_021_Zupanc.jpg
    Aktions-Führung (7–12 ages)

    Electricity – Particles on a journey

    Together we’ll find out what electricity actually consists of, why it always has to flow in a circuit, and lots more besides.

  • TMW_023_Zupanc
    Family tour (Children from 7 - 12 years)

    Power – muscle power or power plant?

    Mobile phones, Game Boys, lights – lots of devices in your playroom work with electricity. But how did appliances work in the old days, and how did people do heavy work?

  • CU3A3303_1_k03.jpg
    techLAB (Training age 12+)

    techLAB_Training. Do it yourself!

    Ever printed something out in 3D or cut something out using a laser?

  • CU3A2435_1_k02_Film ab! Spezialeffekte im Filmstudio.jpg

    Film ab! Spezialeffekte im Filmstudio

    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

  • TMW_005_Zupanc

    The Aha! Tour

    Join us on an exciting tour of our experiments – take part and try them out for yourself!

  • CU3A1193_1_k022_ SPECIAL EFFECTS.jpg
    Family-Tour (Children Age 7–12)

    The world of movie tricks

    Movies tell stories and make the impossible possible. But how do things that don’t really exist make it onto the big screen? On this guided tour you’ll learn all about the history of film – from the first moving picture technology to modern special effects that create stunning movie worlds.

  • AUP-014-L_18007525_3D-Drucker.jpg
    Workshop (12–16 Jahre)
    sponsored by voestalpine

    Zukunft produzieren: Fokus Lasercutter

    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

  • IMG_7309._Beebot.JPG

    Summ-Summ, our robotic bee, is buzzing around!

    Come and join us as we dive into the fascinating world of robotics! Do you know how a robot works? What different types of robots there are? So help us to control Summ-Summ, our robotic bee.

  • P1000916.JPG

    Plastic fantastic? Reusable, synthetic & problematic

    Our lives today are inconceivable without plastic. But what is plastic made of? And what happens to plastic once we’ve used it?

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