Let's trade places. The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) goes mobile, visiting schools and other educational institutions with an e-bus that is designed as a maker*space equipped with a 3D printer, laser cutter and much more. We bring everything with us, enabling the pupils to fully focus on tinkering and designing.
Quickly build a new computer case using the 3D printer to replace the old broken one? Design a mobile phone case with the help of a sewing machine and a cutting plotter or build an illuminated watch using the laser cutter? Digitalisation and digital production techniques have long since become part of our everyday lives and have also become indispensable at the workplace. It may sound highly technical and intimidating, but operating these devices is child's play.
You can give it a try in the roadLAB. The e-bus is parked in front of the educational institution for a week, inviting children and young people to unleash their creative potential. The explainers teach the pupils the know-how and skills required to implement their own ideas, placing a focus on independent work.
As part of workshops and activities, both the participants and the teachers can try out digital production techniques and learn about possibilities of technical implementation.

System requirement: a parking space 

The most important thing schools need to have for the roadLAB to come for a visit is a parking space! We provide the rest. In addition to machines such as a 3D printer or laser cutter, the roadLAB also brings laptops for the whole class and Wi-Fi for conducting the workshop. Online preparation and follow-up materials support the project in the long term.
The roadLAB builds on the expertise from the techLAB, its online platform and the museum's exhibitions.


For inquiries and general enquiries, please contact or

The roadLAB is aimed at young people aged 12 and over. The workshop is offered in German only.


Model Schools

The mobile mediation format "roadLAB" has been expanded to include the "Model Schools" project: The intensive collaboration between the Technisches Museum Wien and selected schools through workshops and accompanying online formats promotes digital education and ensures sustainable knowledge transfer.


Objects made with 3D printer and laser cutter.:

Nothing is impossible

Introduction to making
This module provides an insight into advanced production techniques, such as laser cutting and 3D printing, familiarising young people with the use of the corresponding computer programmes. In the end, they implement their first creative projects. 

Focus area: get to know the Maker*innen workshop
Duration: 90 minutes 
ein Holzlineal mit ausgeschnittenen roadLAB-Buchstaben:

Clear cut

Introduction to cutting plotter & laser cutter
After explaining the hardware and software components, ensuring their confident and independent handling, we use the Inkscape open-source software to design and implement our own projects using a laser cutter and a vinyl cutter. Our explainers show how to use the computer programmes and machines, enabling the participants to put their first ideas into practice.

Focus area: laser cutter and vinyl cutter 
Duration: 90 minutes 
Different name tags made with 3D printer:

Layer by layer

Introduction to 3D printing
The introductory workshop gives an overview of digital production techniques with a focus on 3D printing. Various printing techniques are presented and compared with each other. We give the participants advice and support in creating and modelling their own designs, preparing their objects for printing and printing them. This is done with the help of the web-based Tinkercad programme, which the participants can continue using after the workshop.

Focus area: 3D printing
Duration: 90 minutes 
roadLAB light letters and diverse craft materials:

Open roadLAB

for the class
The mobile techLAB also offers the opportunity to implement or complete projects that were previously started in regular class. Please get in touch with us for a customised offer to ensure its long-term use.

Possible equipment: embroidery machine, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, heat press, 3D printer

The programme is aimed at all schools, educational institutions and associations throughout Austria. For the purpose of planning the multi-day event, we ask you to complete and return the form (booking request). We will contact you to arrange the exact date and plan the workshop in detail.

Makers go mobile

Workshops of the series "Makers go mobile" are intended specifically for young women and girls. They are held partly in the techLAB and partly in the roadLAB. Programmes that are part of the funding lines are free of charge.