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Printing the Future: Three-dimensional precision

A MUSEUM STAGE FOR RESEARCH PROJECTS OF THE TU WIEN. What technical innovations will influence our everyday life, our mobility, our industry or our communication in the future? The new exhibition area showcases current cutting-edge research.
The Science Corner of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) offers a stage for current research projects of the TU Wien. In a yearly changing presentation, visitors can discover various facets of Austria’s dynamic research landscape and learn about forward-looking technologies that are currently being explored.

Printing the future: Three-dimensional precision
3D printers are not only revolutionising today's manufacturing and production processes, they have also long since found their way into our everyday lives. This innovative manufacturing technology is used to produce components for space technology as well as entire houses. The Institute of Materials Science and Technology at TU Wien is at the forefront of high-precision 3D printing and research into new base materials, ranging from high-performance plastics and ceramics to artificial ivory and 3D-printed living cells.

In the fourth presentation of the Science Corner, entitled Printing the future: Three-dimensional precision, visitors will discover innovative 3D-printed materials and gain exclusive insights into current research projects.
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