As a particularly family-friendly museum, we offer a wide range of activities for young and old, making technology and science a playful experience.



Discover, try out and explore
The new interactive exhibition for families with children from age 3 stimulates the joy of experimentation and activity, because the versatile and artistic adventure playground holds numerous stations in store for curious explorers!


7 days

Sat 24.04.11:0012:30

"Showtime!” – Special effects in movies

Small like a dwarf? Fast like a superhero? Scary like a monster? In our online workshop, you will find out how special effects in movies work and how the impossible becomes possible on the screen. 
5 tickets available
€ 14,50



Fri 30.04.16:0017:30
7 tickets available
€ 14,50
Sun 02.05.14:0015:30
8 tickets available
€ 14,50
Sat 08.05.11:0012:30
8 tickets available
€ 14,50
Fri 14.05.16:0017:30
8 tickets available
€ 14,50


Joules Bistro

The Joules Bistro offers a culinary experience in the unique historical ambience of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology).
: Children are celebrating a birthdayparty in the partyroom with a lot of decoration and a cake

Children's birthdays

An unforgettable birthday in the museum is waiting for you!
: Two girls and a boy experiment.

Experiments for at home

Here you will find exciting experiments, with which you can learn in a playful way and satisfy your curiosity.

Only available in German.

puzzle rally generator

Put together your own tricky puzzle rally through the TMW! Over 800 questions and tasks across all exhibitions are waiting to be solved. Have fun solving the puzzles!
300 stations
10 exhibitions
10 - 60 minutes
Rätselrallye Generator