The main research area “Focus Gender” closes the gap between the museum and international gender research and its implementation in museum work with the goal of establishing a gender-informed research, education and exhibition practice at the Technisches Museum Wien. 
The Research Institute consolidates and documents the activities of the museum’s cross-departmental “Focus Gender” working group.


  • 2nd Vienna Workshop on STEM Museums, Gender and Sexuality
The Technisches Museum Wien annually hosts the Vienna Workshop on STEM Museums, Gender and Sexuality. The two-day workshop is an international event where gender experts from all over the world get together at the museum, this time on 5/6 May 2022, addressing the topic ”Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Food”.
  • Engineers in the portrait collection 
The portrait collection in the museum’s archive, frequently consulted by researchers, comprises predominantly portraits of male protagonists. The goal is to enrich the collection with portraits of women or non-male experts who were or are engaged in the field of technology or science in Austria. 
Sophie Gerber
Research Focus